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This Privacy Statement outlines how United BioSource Corporation ("UBC") safeguards for privacy and manages Personal Information.

UBC has been contracted to collect and analyze data on behalf of Allergan (the "Sponsor") for the BIFS program. "Personal Information" is defined as information submitted to and/or collected by UBC via the BIFS Electronic Data Capture System (the "BIFS eRegistry") or as paper copy. Such information is collected when a physician or participant submits participant-related information via the BIFS eRegistry and includes her name, address and/or other contact information. UBC can also collect information about visits to the BIFS eRegistry without an individual actively submitting information through various automated digital means, such as cookies and internet tags. Although the information collected by such automated digital means does not directly identify specific individuals, internet Web browsers automatically transmit information to the BIFS eRegistry regarding the software operating on a user's computer, such as IP Address and browser version. Information collected by these automated digital means cannot be used to identify individuals without additional identifiable information.

Any Personal Information physicians or participants provide will be used only by UBC employees assigned to the BIFS program in their analyses and to contact participants as needed in connection with the BIFS program. UBC will not share this Personal Information with any third party without the participant's consent, except UBC may share Personal Information with Lexus-Nexus solely for purposes of tracking a participant's contact information throughout the BIFS program. UBC will not disclose any Personal Information it gathers from a physician or participant except as set forth in this Privacy Statement or as specifically agreed to by the participant. UBC reserves the right to make disclosures of any Personal Information submitted to the BIFS eRegistry to the extent that it may be required to do so by law, rule, regulation, subpoena, order, decree, decision or other legal process. In the event that UBC is legally compelled to disclose Personal Information to a third party, UBC will attempt to notify the physician and/or participant accordingly unless doing so would violate the law or court order. In addition, UBC may disclose Personal Information as further described below.

Any Personal Information submitted through the BIFS eRegistry will not be included in any reports or publications resulting from this BIFS program. Any publication or presentation of the results will be an overall summary (i.e., no individual participant will be identified and no results for any individual participant will be presented). Personnel from the following organizations may examine the BIFS eRegistry program's summary data: UBC, the Sponsor and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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